Chris Kidd


Chris Kidd was born in San Angelo, TX but spent most of his childhood in the small south Texas town of Beeville. His parents both worked for the school district. His mother Jan worked in the administration office, and his father John was a teacher and coach. Chris says, “My dad has been coaching me since I was old enough to walk. He coached me in all the little league sports growing up, then in junior high, and again in high school… I can honestly say I believe he is the best coach I’ve ever known.”

The one thing that Chris Kidd credits his dad most with for his success is instilling a winning attitude in him. Chris says, “My dad taught me a lot more than how to throw or catch a ball, or how to handle and shoot a basketball. He taught me to win. Losing is not an option; you can always find a way to win. That really comes in handy in life. If you’re going to achieve any amount of success, especially if you want to do something most people never do, then you are going to have to learn to fight for what you want and find a way to win.”

After graduating from high school, Kidd and a friend moved to San Antonio. They both got jobs working at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Chris recalls, “It was a great place to work, not because of the pay but because I never had to wait in line to ride any of the rides again.” While in San Antonio Chris attended the University of Texas at San Antonio. That he says is when, “my life was changed forever.” During his first semester of college, he befriended a young multi-millionaire who took Chris under his wing and began to mentor him.

Chris Kidd began to study his mentor, even more than his classes at school. “Before,” Chris says, “my idea of long term vision was, what party am I going to this weekend? My mentor taught me to look 2-5-10 years down the road.” Chris says, “Every dollar you spend either increases or decreases your net worth.”

In his book, Defeating Debt, Kidd writes, “you have to see every dollar you spend as the most important dollar you will ever spend. Start to ask yourself, every time you spend a dollar, ‘What significance will this have on my life five years from now?’ If it is not something that is going to improve your life over the next five years, do not spend your money on it.” Chris says that rather than spending his money on music, clothes, games, and parties, he started investing in books, seminars, and audio programs by other ultra successful entrepreneurs and investors.

While in college, and working two jobs, Chris decided to start his first business. It was around that time that Kidd’s mentor suggested he read the books Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Cashflow Quadrant. At that point Chris says, “I decided to focus on building my business, and saving as much as possible. I was going to save and invest every penny I could for the next five years. Kidd says he had a goal to become a millionaire by 25, and he knew he would have to make short-term sacrifices to achieve that goal within that timeframe. That was when Chris took up his diet, which he admits was extreme, consisting mostly of Ramen noodles, water, and dollar pizzas.

He stuck to his Ramen and water diet for about two years, and continued saving, investing, and building his business. At age 20 Chris became what he calls “unemployable.” He was able to walk away from his job and live off the income from his business and investments. Kidd’s investments and business interests expanded and led several other ventures along the way, including an internet based company, music production company, and a restaurant company where he partnered in a venture that owned and operated a chain of more than a dozen restaurants.

By age 24 Chris attained his goal of becoming a millionaire. In 2004 he moved to Houston, where he now resides with his two boys, Tristan and Cooper. Chris says, “The sacrifices I made and the price I paid for my freedom years ago are so worth it now when I get to spend time with my boys every day. And if we want to take some time off and go somewhere as a family, I don’t have to check with a boss first.”

Chris Kidd enjoys a freedom that most only dream of, or wish they had. “That is what,” Chris says, “inspires me to help people create their own financial freedom. The biggest problem most families face are financial problems. Financial problems are the number one contributor to divorce. If we can help eliminate the financial problems people are facing today, we can save a lot of families.” That is also why Chris offers pre-marital financial coaching. Chris Kidd’s mission is “to eliminate the financial problems that exist in most homes, and help people create their own financial freedom, so that money is no longer an issue and they can focus on the truly important things in life.”

Chris Kidd has more than two decades of investment experience in the stock market, options, real estate, and business development. His experience also includes trading commodities and currencies. Kidd has successfully managed his own investments and taught many of his clients how to do the same

Chris Kidd is the author of Defeating Debt. Chris says his book was written for those who want a short and simple plan on how to better handle their finances, get out of debt, stay out of debt, and lay a foundation for building wealth. It is a short, easy read that will help anyone learn how to quickly make some financial changes in their lives for the better.

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