Chris Kidd


What is the difference between a financial coach and a financial advisor?

Having a coach gives you an edge in any area of life. a coach is someone who will give you direction, hold you accountable, and encourage you in the pursuit of your goals. A coach is your shortcut to success.

Can I just give you my money to invest?

No, I do not approve of just giving anyone (including me) your money and trusting them to look out for your financial future. It is financially irresponsible! There is nothing wrong with using a financial advisor or someone who manages your investments, but you have a responsibility to know what is going on with your money. There have been too many incidents over the years to prove this to be a far too risky strategy. I am happy to help you and even refer you to advisors I trust to manage your investments, but you must understand how to evaluate investments and at least check up on your holdings on a regular basis.

How do I find a good broker or financial advisor?

A good referral is always a good first step. When you understand the game of investing then it is easy to spot those who are just sales people and those who really know what they’re doing and who are interested in helping you (not just selling you). Some key questions I always ask are:

“What do they know about what they are recommending? (Who is on the management team of the company or fund?)”

“Do they own what they are selling?”

“Do you learn from them? (Are they teaching you anything or just telling you what to buy)”

“Do they bring you new ideas or just buy and sell what you ask them to?”

“Will they allow you to use limit orders? (Often brokers don’t like limit orders because they know there’s a chance the order may not be filled, and they don’t make their comission for the trade.)”

Should I invest in the stock market or real estate?

YES! Which one should you start with? That depends on you and your situation. I don’t believe that real estate is better than the stock market or that the stock market is better than real estate. It really boils down to what you are passionate about and interested in. Investing is a game and should be fun. If you don’t like what you’re doing, it will be difficult to become really good at it.

What do you think about debt consolidation?

Generally I am against it because most people who consolidate their debt end up filing for bankruptcy, because they have not fixed the root of their problem, their poor money management habits. There is a time and place for debt consolidation and it can be benefitial. However you must first change your habits, then you have to find a good debt consolidation company. There are many scams out there and you should thoroughly research any company before using them. I recommend The Debt Healers if you choose debt consolidation.

What types of groups do you speak for?

I speak for all kinds of groups, ranging from schools, to local organizations and networks, to larger companies and organizations at conferences. My passion for helping others improve their lives allows me the opportunity to speak for audiences of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. See my Speaking page for more information.