Chris Kidd



"Chris is an extremely professional and honest businessman. He is an amazing financial coach and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone and everyone. It has been a pleasure for my family to work and continue to work with Chris in the future."

- Nastassia Blumenthal

"I have had the opportunity to have strategy sessions with Chris and have walked away with incredible insight and sound financial principles. Chris has a strong “real world” financial education and passes that knowledge to his clients. He is a coach with a passion for your success."

- Robert Earl Reed

"Chris has incredible financial knowledge. He is a sincere and successful financial coach. His wisdom is invaluable."

- Bruce Ammons

"ALL of my debt and back taxes will be paid off as of next week. I am also scheduled to close on my new house on July 13. Also, for the 1st time in my life, I have money in the bank after my bills are paid each month."

- J.D. Tierney

"I have come a long way from where I was before I started working with Chris. He has shared much knowledge and taught me things that you can’t find in a book on how to be successful in the stock market. I have had financial coaches in the past; however, none have truly cared about my success like Chris. His genuine interest in my financial well being and patience has made him a great teacher and friend."

- Tom Pennington

"I have known Chris since he was a college student. Through a professional development networking support system outside of college, Chris had the opportunity to meet several hi profile business and life Coaches that took him personally under their wings as a protégé. Chris was a sponge for knowledge and applied the principals and practices learned from these great men in his own life with the goal of becoming financially independent in his 20s while adding value to others lives. He accomplished this goal and I am honored to endorse him. As a father, I have also endorsed Chris to my own Children as a financial coach and resource for future planning. Thanks for what you do Chris."

- Jerry Walker

"When someone says “been there & done that successfully” they are talking about Chris Kidd. He is one of the few people I know who became very successful at an early age and continues dedicating his life to helping other reach their financial and life goals. Chris is one of the people you need to have in your life. Contact him today and begin learning how he achieves his success."

- Gail Stolzenburg

"Chris is a very knowledgeable financial expert, whom I’ve found to be quite intuitive, as well as calm, cool and collected professional at the time of financial uncertainties."

- Kamran Mansoury

"Chris has a layman’s approach that allows everyone to understand investing."

- Delisle Doherty

"Chris has a passion for helping people and will go beyond what you expect to help people succeed. He has prepared himself to be great asset to anyone seeking success both personally and financially."

- Daniel Stanton

"Chris is the most caring, no-nonsense finance coach I’ve met, and in my business, it’s critical to know people like Chris to explain things to clients in broken down format, where you they feel like people and not numbers. His approach to a client is careful and deliberate in his delivery of excellent service and information necessary to make the right decisions when it comes to finance. In today’s market, Chris is invaluable to the person that needs that comfort, trust when it comes to their money management."

- Michael Harrington

"If you are looking to get out of debt and create real wealth then Chris Kidd is the guy for you!"

- Tammie Nielsen

"Chris has helped me invest my money and save money I trust his judgment calls."

- Alan Burkett